How does it work?

Sending a Registered Email is very simple. We integrate the function into the systems that you use within your organization, so that employees can easily switch between a normal Email or a Registered Email. The same applies to recipients: they can read and accept the registered Emails in their own mailprogram.

Sending a Registered Email?

  • In your mailclient you can choose between a normal Email or a Registered Email. You enter the Email adress and the subject, upload the attachment and write the text, you can add a ‘Digital Signature’ for a legally signing of the attachment. Then you send the Registered Email with the press of a button.
  • You will receive a notification when the recipient has accepted and opened the Registered Email. If desired you can set various notifications.
  • The process can be followed real-time via a dashboard. We register every step so that you are kept informed of the status and can take action where necessary. Moreover, this registration is proof that you have done everything to offer the document for information. Important, especially in correspondence concerning a conflict.

Receive a Registered Email?

  • When you receive a Registered Email, you must first accept it.
  • After acceptance the original email comes in, including all attachments
  • In the Registered Email a fingerprint is mentioned in the form of a code
  • If requested, you sign the attachment with the Digital Signature

More information?

Registered Email offers convenience to sender and receiver. More information, please contact us.

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