Digital Signature

Print, sign, scan and return? Or put your signature with a simple push of a button? The Digital Signature is efficient and user-friendly. Where the signing process often has a lead time of days or even weeks, you are now ready in a jiffy.

How does the Digital Signature work?

Whether it is a mortgage deed or a payment arrangement: the digital signature is suitable for every document. When sending a registered email you can add this extra function. This option complies with the laws and regulations concerning the Digital Signature. In short: The digital signature is proven and legally valid and has the same value as a signature on paper.

Efficient for everyone

With the digital signature, you can make it not only the recipient, but also yourself easily. When you integrate the signing into existing processes, the handling goes automatically. As a result, the tracking of feedbacks is efficient and from now on you only have to spend time on exceptions.

Knowing more?

You can work quickly and efficiently with the Digital Signature

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