About the organization

Registered Email is a service of Aangetekend B.V. The team of Registered Email is committed every day to a secure and legally valid transmission of digital documents. With our service we support governments, corporates and SME companies both at home and abroad. We do this close together with our business partners.

Independent third party

Registered Email offers – as the name implies – the possibility to send registered emails, to which can also be added a return email with a digital signature to the user’s request. What makes our service special is that the shipment is completely legally valid. By registering as an independent third party the entire shipping and receiving process, we comply with European laws and regulations. This allows you to demonstrate that you have made every effort to provide a document to the recipient.

Continuous development

The digital world is constantly evolving. And that also applies to our services. With a team of specialists, we continually carry out new improvements based on the scrum and Kanban method in terms of our functionalities, safety and efficiency. This enables us to respond to new market needs. And so we contribute to the digital objectives of our clients.

We not only provide a service, but also ensure proper implementation and adoption. We often start with a pilot, where we identify, implement and improve with a small team. We work close together to ensure a future-proof solution for the entire organisation.

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