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The right people, the best product and an optimal process is essential to be efficient and scalable. These are the most important aspects to obtain the best quality for the customer. Registered B.V. was founded in April 2011 and has since fully focused on the (continued) development of the Registered Mailing – Registered Email service with a dedicated team and the right partners. From Utrecht, (international) partners are supported in which the aim is to have European coverage in 2021.

People – Product – Process

The software (SaaS) of Registered Mail – Registered Email is marketed in the following European countries under the applicable translation:

Aangtekend BV is ISO / IEC 27001: 2013 certified and works with the further development of its software developed in JAVA in accordance with the Scrum and Kanban method using tools such as JIRA. In this way the SaaS solution is continuously enriched and meets the latest standards. Together with her clients, the well-known, also called ‘Legaltech’, is working on the best product for an optimal process.

Managing Board

In 2012, Philip Voogt and Wouter van den Brink started the Registered Mail service, based on the conviction that organizations would increasingly have the need to digitize physical post processes. The service should enable users to exchange Documents securely and legally with recipients anytime and anywhere from the usual mail program and / or workflow.

In the meantime, this seems to become more and more a standard, partly because of the introduction of the EU regulation eIDAS and the AVG / GDPR. Every year millions of Registered Mails are actively and successfully sent for very different processes, with more than 85% of the Registered Mails previously not a registered mailing process.

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