Registered EmailAangetekend Briefgeheim

From filing cabinet to the cloud. From man to machine. And from letter post to email. The world around you is increasingly digitizing. To keep up with all developments, your organization must move forward. We will help you with this innovation challenge. With Registered Email you can send important documents digitally. Efficient, safe and lawfully.

Why Registered Email?

Printing, signing and bringing your documents to the Post Office, with Registered Email is it the past time: You send important documents at the touch of a button. It is even possible to integrate the service into existing processes, such as the automatic sending of invoices, deeds, insurance policies and several other documents. An efficiency boost that saves your costs immediately.

The safe sending of important documents is a big responsibility, especially now that data leaks are being penalized more and more stringently. Our ISO27001 certificate shows that we take this responsibility very seriously. In addition, all our data is stored in the Netherlands and we undergo pen tests several times a year.

Our registered emails offer legal security in accordance with the EU eIDAS regulation. As an independent third party, we determine who is communicating with whom and at what time. Important, especially when dealing with a conflict. By registering receipt and acceptance, you can prove that you have made every effort to provide a document for notification.

Implementation of Registered Email

Digitization requires change. That is why many organizations start up in a limited environment, where we identify, implement and improve with a small task-oriented team. In this way we work together on a future-proof solution for the entire organization.

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